Amibroker Data Feed.

AmiFeeder - Get All Symbols Live Amibroker Data from All Feeds @ ₹399 per month.

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About AmiFeeder
We provide high quality amibroker data feed through our Amifeed App i.e. Official AmiFeeder - Real time data feeder for amibroker is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and above. Amifeeder comes with lightning fast data updation speed, hassle free and user friendly amifeeder data feed for Amibroker. Amifeeder data updates tick-by-tick in Amibroker and feeds highspeed data for all symbols in Amibroker with backfill for 365 days in 1 minute timeframe.
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Amibroker Data Feed Price
Get Official Amifeeder - Amibroker Data Feed at most affordable price i.e. only ₹399 per month. Data Feed for Amibroker gets backfilled for all symbols in all segments data for Equity, Futures and Options, Commodity and Currency. The price for Amibroker data feed is only ₹399 per month for all segments and user can get data from all symbols in all segments. Get your free Amifeed for Amibroker Demo Trial and test it before subscription.
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Easy to Use
AmiFeeder - Real Time Data Feed App for Amibroker is very user friendly and automatically connects with Amibroker. Just download Amifeed Setup and Install on Windows PC. After first run Registration, Run Amifeeder from Start Menu and it will start tick-by-tick data feed in Amibroker automatically. Our Technical Support Team and Sales Executives are available on Live Chat and Phone Call from 8 am till 7 pm on weekdays.

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Amifeeder is one of the best and leading software for Amibroker Data Feed. Download Official Amfeeder for Amibroker Data Feed at Electrifying Speed and high quality Data for Amibroker @ ₹399/month. Low Price and Cheapest Data Feed for Amibroker is provided for various segments like Equity, Stock and Index Futures, Weekly and Monthly Options, Commodity and Currency Futures with more than 900+ symbols from all segments.

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We offer best amibroker data feed at an affordable price of Rs.399 per month. Amifeeder updates Tick by Tick data in Amibroker at per second basis for all watchlist symbols simultaneously. Amifeed Intraday Amibroker data backfill is provided for 365 days in 1 min timeframe. Amifeeder feeds live data in Amibroker at electrifying speed and amibroker data feed backfill also downloads at a very fast speed. Amifeeder has received Best Reviews from various expert users for years. Our Technical Experts and Sales Executives are available on Live Chat Support and Phone Calls. Amifeeder Live Support is available from 8 am till 7 pm on weekdays.

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Amifeeder Pricing

Amifeeder now comes with all Feeds Active and User can Select any number of Symbols from All Feeds @ ₹399/month. Amifeed Payment can be done online by debit/credit card or net banking. Get more discounts on Amifeed by subscribing the Annual Plan. Amifeeder Pricing is slashed to rock bottom and Amifeeder is the Cheapest Data Feed for Amibroker in India. You can also subscribe for Buy Sell Signal with Amibroker Data Feed at Low Price.

RT Feed Only

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    ₹1149/3 Months
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    ₹2149/6 Months
  •  icon=
    ₹3999/12 Months
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    RT Data Only
  •  icon=
    900+ Symbols Covered
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    1 Year RT Data Backfill
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    EOD Backfill Not Enabled
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RT Feed + EOD

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    ₹1299/3 Months
  •  icon=
    ₹2499/6 Months
  •  icon=
    ₹4499/12 Months
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    RT Data + EOD
  •  icon=
    900+ Symbols Covered
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    1 Year RT Data Backfill
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    RT Data + EOD Backfill
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About us

We are Leading Real Time Data Feed Provider for Indian Stock Market i.e. Fast Equity and Commodity Data for Amibroker. AmiFeeder – Easy to use Real Time Data Feed for Amibroker is compatible for Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10. It’s compatible on Windows Server or Virtual Private Server (VPS) also. Excellent Live Support available from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm on all week days.
Amifeeder provides Real Time Data for Amibroker for Equity, Commodity, Stock and Index Futures, Weekly/Monthly Options and Currency. Amifeeder Data for Amibroker comes at a fast speed with tick-by-tick updation and gets updated in Amibroker instantly and Backfill of data feeds comes for upto 365 days.
Before subscribing for Amifeeder, you can take Full Demo for 3 days to check the speed and performance of data feed for amibroker. Amifeeder Free Demo is activated with all feeds active and Amifeeder App connects with Amibroker automatically. Free Demo also available for Highly Successful AFL Indicator for Amibroker.
Amifeeder Updates Tick by Tick Data for Amibroker with 1 minute backfill snapshot and 365 days highly accurate historical data backfill. Backfill data in Amibroker comes at a very fast speed and user can chose symbols from any feed. Amifeeder comes with more than 900 active symbols from all feeds @ ₹399/Month.
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Why Choose Amifeeder

Amifeeder Provide Low Latency Real Time Stock Market Data for Amibroker with Advanced Technologies. Amifeeder is one of Leading Data Provider for Amibroker at Low Price and Excellent Live Support.
Tick by Tick

AmiFeeder provides Fast Speed Tick by Tick Data for Amibroker with 1 Min Timeframe Backfill.


Amifeeder gives 365 Days Historical Data Backfill at high speed for All Segments in Amibroker.


Amifeeder Data Feeds in Amibroker at Electrifying Speed with Just 2-3 Seconds Delay Only.


Data Feed Pricing Starts from ₹399 and You Can Select Symbols from All Segments.


Amifeeder Can be Downloaded from Website and Free Demo Activated after Registration.


With Annual Subscription, we provide Highly Successful Free Trading AFLs for Amibroker.