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AmiFeeder - Get All Symbols Live Amibroker Data from All Feeds @ ₹399 per month.

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About AmiFeeder
Discover the heartbeat of your trades with Amifeeder! We are your go-to source for a cutting-edge Amibroker Data Feed, empowering traders with real-time market insights and historical data. Our commitment to excellence ensures a seamless and reliable experience. At Amifeeder, we thrive on delivering accuracy, speed, and affordability, making sophisticated market analytics accessible to all. Explore the future of trading with Amifeeder - where innovation meets affordability.
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Amibroker Data Feed Price
Unlock the power of real-time market data at an unbeatable price with our Amibroker Data Feed. Priced competitively @ ₹399 per month, our service at Amifeeder provides traders with affordable access to critical market insights. Invest wisely in your success with our transparent and cost-effective pricing. Trust us to deliver accuracy, reliability, and affordability in one comprehensive package. Upgrade your trading strategy today with our unbeatable Amibroker Data Feed prices.
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Easy to Use
Experience trading simplicity with Amifeeder – an easy-to-use solution for seamless Amibroker Data Feed. Our user-friendly interface empowers traders of all levels, providing quick access to real-time data and historical trends. Navigate effortlessly, make informed decisions and stay ahead in successful trading. Amifeeder combines sophistication with ease, ensuring a smooth journey for every trader. Elevate your trading experience with the simplicity of Amifeeder.

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Supercharge your trading journey – download Amifeeder now! Unleash the power of our user-friendly platform for seamless access to Amibroker Data Feed. Elevate your trading strategy with this essential tool designed for efficiency and success. Don't miss out on the advantages – click Download Button to download Amifeeder today and get more than 1000 symbols amibroker data feed @ ₹399 per month.

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Amifeeder is an Amibroker data feed service that provides real-time market data for Amibroker, a popular technical analysis and trading software. Amibroker data feed enables traders and investors to access live quotes, charts, indicators, and signals for various segments such as equity, futures, options, commodity, and currency. Amifeeder is essential for accurate amibroker data feed and timely analysis and decision making in the dynamic financial markets. There are many providers of Amibroker data feed in India, but they differ in terms of quality, speed, reliability, features, and price. Therefore, it is important to choose the best Amibroker data feed provider i.e. Amifeeder that suits your needs and budget.

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Amifeeder Pricing

Revolutionize your financial journey with Amifeeder's low pricing @ ₹399/month. Experience premium features at budget-friendly rates, tailored to meet your unique needs. Unleash the full potential of your investments without compromising on quality. Choose Amifeeder for unbeatable value, ensuring your path to financial success is both efficient and cost-effective.

RT Feed Only

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    ₹1149/3 Months
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    ₹2149/6 Months
  •  icon=
    ₹3999/12 Months
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    RT Data Only
  •  icon=
    900+ Symbols Covered
  •  icon=
    1 Year RT Data Backfill
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    EOD Backfill Not Enabled
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RT Feed + EOD

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    ₹1299/3 Months
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    ₹2499/6 Months
  •  icon=
    ₹4499/12 Months
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    RT Data + EOD
  •  icon=
    900+ Symbols Covered
  •  icon=
    1 Year RT Data Backfill
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    RT Data + EOD Backfill
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About us

We are Leading Real Time Data Feed Provider for Indian Stock Market i.e. Fast Equity and Commodity Data for Amibroker. AmiFeeder – Easy to use Real Time Data Feed for Amibroker is compatible for Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10. It’s compatible on Windows Server or Virtual Private Server (VPS) also. Excellent Live Support available from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm on all week days.
Amifeeder provides Real Time Data for Amibroker for Equity, Commodity, Stock and Index Futures, Weekly/Monthly Options and Currency. Amifeeder Data for Amibroker comes at a fast speed with tick-by-tick updation and gets updated in Amibroker instantly and Backfill of data feeds comes for upto 365 days.
Before subscribing for Amifeeder, you can take Full Demo for 3 days to check the speed and performance of data feed for amibroker. Amifeeder Free Demo is activated with all feeds active and Amifeeder App connects with Amibroker automatically. Free Demo also available for Highly Successful AFL Indicator for Amibroker.
Amifeeder Updates Tick by Tick Data for Amibroker with 1 minute backfill snapshot and 365 days highly accurate historical data backfill. Backfill data in Amibroker comes at a very fast speed and user can chose symbols from any feed. Amifeeder comes with more than 900 active symbols from all feeds @ ₹399/Month.
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Why Choose Amifeeder

Amifeeder Provide Low Latency Real Time Stock Market Data for Amibroker with Advanced Technologies. Amifeeder is one of Leading Data Provider for Amibroker at Low Price and Excellent Live Support.
Tick by Tick

AmiFeeder provides Fast Speed Tick by Tick Data for Amibroker with 1 Min Timeframe Backfill.


Amifeeder gives 365 Days Historical Data Backfill at high speed for All Segments in Amibroker.


Amifeeder Data Feeds in Amibroker at Electrifying Speed with Just 2-3 Seconds Delay Only.


Data Feed Pricing Starts from ₹399 and You Can Select Symbols from All Segments.


Amifeeder Can be Downloaded from Website and Free Demo Activated after Registration.


With Annual Subscription, we provide Highly Successful Free Trading AFLs for Amibroker.